Links (Friends of TOADS)

ADAA (Australian Dog Agility Association)

ADAA Facebook (ADAA Facebook Page)

Agility ClickAustralian site for books and tunnels)

Cleanrun (Online Agility magazine and shop in the USA)

Clicker Solutions (Articles for clicker training)

My Agility Coach (Personalise On-line Agility Training)

Red Dog Agility (Agility trainer who conducts training weekends at TOADS)

Say Yes Agility (Agility training hints from Susanne Garrett)

CDA (Canine Disc Australia)

CDA Facebook (CDA Facebook Page)

The Disc Dog Shop (Disc dog products)

Flyball (Australian Flyball Association)

IFCS (International Federation of Canine Sports)

Photo by Trace Facebook (Tracey Harrison-Hill photographer)
Photo by Trace (Tracey Harrison-Hill photographer)

Townsville Kennel Association Inc (Share and help maintain our wonderful grounds at Wordsworth Park, Woodstock)
Townsville Kennel Association Inc Dog Show dates

Ziwi Pets (Wonderful sponsors of of Toads Canine Disc Competitions)